(Un)expected visit
Request / Need

A food manufacturing company from Catalunya finds a new commercial opportunity to manufacture a typical & local product. The client needs to become a provider of a local supermarket chain established in their commercial zone, so we study how to help.

Plan / solution

We define and micro target the buyer persona then we apply a push-pu/1 strategy.

On the one hand, we design campaigns to impact defined audiences (couples with children who do X, Y and Z, during the weekend, according to the output of a previous market research). This action brings visibility and some new market demand.

On the other hand, we set as target individuals with certain job positions (purchasing chiefs, product managers, etc) and we impact them with tailored messages.

The client’s sales department schedules several meetings with the targeted supermarket chain’s purchasing departments. The targeted_&_impacted departments recognise to already know the product because it has previously been advertised and required by costumers.

Create market demand and achieve sale, a book’s theory:

…The client wants a controlled environment to pre-launch the product so as to draw useful conclusions regarding the official national launch.

Results / learnings
  • Commercial roads and any agent’s commercial planning can mutually bring about interesting market data to be applied to one of Estrategeek’s campaigns.
  • We can smooth commercial agents’ visits by flattening them the ground and the result is positive as far as our ads generate confidence with the product and it enables silky negotiations.
  • lt is interesting to see the system potential when it has to generate a positive atmosphere. lt is key to mobilize market demand and, simultaneously, to impact purchasing managers, each one with the message that suits them the most.
  • Other interests of our potential customer (he/she watches TV shows, browses the internet from its job place).
  • A document with the best ad messages to be launched on TV.
  • At the west of the state, users browse longer and later.
  • We verify the buyer persona defined by the client and we provide three new client’s customer profiles