In Estrategeek we are well-aware of the importance privacy has for our clients. On this regard, we aim to convey clearly and transparently our commitment to ensure your privacy. Hereinafter, you will find an accurate description of how we collect, use and store our client’s data. We want to inform you about the internal instruments you have at your disposal to exercise all the rights you have recognised in the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

Estrategeek will always act complying with the principles of Personal Data Protection legislation (RGDP 2016/679, art. 5).

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency: We collect and store exclusively the personal data you authorise us to have. You can exercise your access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, object and portability rights at any time.
  • Purpose limitation and data minimisation: The data we collect and store is the essential to provide our services..
  • Accuracy: In Estrategeek care is taken to ensure the collection and storage of accurate and updated personal data. We have implemented internal processes to keep your data up to date and free form inaccuracies.
  • Storage limitation: We will store your data meanwhile our professional relation lasts and 6 more months once it ended. Hence Estrategeek will comply with this deadlines, you will be able to exercise your access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, object and portability rights at any time..
  • Integrity and confidentiality: Our clients’ personal data is automatically treated. Furthermore, security filters are applied to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. On this regard, we commit ourselves to immediately inform you if any security failure takes place or if there is any leak of your personal information.

Additionally, in accordance with the RGDP (UE) 2016/679 article 13, we inform you:

a) Data Protection Controller

The personal data we collect will be treated by Estrategeek, (Guillem Membrives Barniol) ID num. 33954708-S and e.mail:

Your personal data will be automatically treated. Furthermore, Estrategeek applies security filters to ensure its integrity and confidentiality.

b) Lawfulness and purpose limitation

Pursuant article 6 of RGDP (UE) 2016/679 and article 19 of the Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD 3/2018), we let you know that the data we collect and use is considered “contact data” so it is not included in the “special data” category. Hence, your formal authorisation allows us to collect, use and store this personal data.

Given the purpose limitation and data minimisation principle, the data we gather is the indispensable to provide our service during our professional relation and to ensure its proper development.

On regard of the type of data we collect, we need your authorisation to collect and use it, if you do not authorise us to this end, our professional relation could be adversely affected.

For the purpose of the present Privacy Policy, “provision of services” comprises any of the professional activities Estrategeek provides. It includes advising and management digital marketing services.

c) Data collection, use, storage and portability

As said before, Estrategeek exclusively collects the essential data to properly provide our services. Our process of data collection is direct so that means, we will only use the data you authorise us to have.

Your personal data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by the Controller and its essential assistants.

Your personal data will be stored in digital archives. All this archives have security measures implemented to ensure your data integrity and confidentiality.

We expressly inform you that we will not share your personal data with third parties, except on those cases we actually need to do so to provide our service. In these cases, we will ask you for your previous and explicit authorisation.

d) Your rights

Your personal data protection rights are compiled on Chapter III of the RGDP 2016/679. We want to you to remind that the exercise of your rights can be done at any time. Those rights are:

  • Right to access: you can ask us to confirm how your personal data is being processed and to have access to it, art. 15 RGPD 2016/679.
  • Right to rectification: you can request the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data, art. 16 RGPD 2016/679. Right to erasure (“the right to be forgotten”): you have the right to ask us to erase your personal data from our data bases, art. 17 RGPD 2016/679.
  • Right to object: you can request us to cease using, treating and storing some of your personal data when it became public object of interest or when it has marketing purposes, art. 21 RGPD 2016/679.
  • Right to restriction of processing: you can request us to restrict the processing of your data when it has to be updated or if it is inaccurate. You can ask us to keep stored your data in case you want to lodge a claim, art. 18 RGPD 2016/679.
  • Right to data portability: you can ask us to deliver all your personal data to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, art. 20 RGPD 2016/679.

e) Exercising your rights

You will the following ways to exercise access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, object and portability rights:

  1. Direct link with Estrategeek Data Protection Controller at a
  2. Additionally, if you need more personal data protection information or you require public assistance on this matter, you can contact with , Autoritat Catalana de Protecció de Dades (


Social network operation is not under the aegis of Estrategeek. Hence, the published information may be shared with other users. This network allows several users interaction so we detail you some premises to consider when surfing.
The cornerstone of our social network is to promote and spread Estrategeek services. Initially, the Privacy Policy stated above will be applied when collecting, treating and sharing your data. Nonetheless, we recommend you, as internet users:

  • Read carefully the general conditions and the conditions of use of each social network
  • Learn the setting features each social network offers
  • Set appropriately up the privacy grade of your user’s profile on the social network
  • Do not publish excessive personal or familiar information
  • Be cautious with the publication of graphical and audiovisual content, specially if  this material is hosted on third parties sites
  • Do never offer third party data without their prior consent. 
  • ravar ni publicar imatges, vídeos o qualsevol altre tipus de registre sense el consentiment dels afecta

Furthermore, users have to commit themselves to

  • Never publish any untruthful content. Any comment or content released has to be of public interest and has to respect human dignity. The user has to avoid any misconduct specially those to infringe the non discrimination principle. The user will be responsible for the veracity and legality of the content he/she releases.
  • The user should not record and publish images, videos or any other voice or image recording type without the authorisation of all concerned people.

Estrategeek does not identify itself with third parties opinions neither with the ideology shown by third parties social network profiles.

We reserve the right to erase any third party information published on Estrategeek social network, specially if its content violates the law or it incites to do so as well as if the published messages violate the right to human dignity. Hence, we reserve the right to block or report before the correspondent authority the unlawfulness message author’s profile

Estrategeek website and social network are:



The user grants the authenticity of their given data and he/she will be the unique responsible of any false or inaccurate statement.

Your personal data will always be treated complying with the EU RGDP 2016/679 and the Spanish Data Protection legislation.

Stated all the above, and meeting the Data Protection legislation requirements, we invite you to authorise us to collect, treat and store your personal data by acknowledging accepting you have been informed to this end.

For additional information related to Data Protection, we invite you to check: