In compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of the Spanish Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act (LO 34/2002); and applying the Spanish Data Protection Agency recommendations, hereby you will find detailed information about the use of cookies of this site. We therefore invite you to carefully read it.


A cookie is a small file which is stored in your navigator browser while you visit a website.

A cookie is not a virus, a trojan or spam and it does not open any pop-up window.

Cookies are delivered by sites when a user visits them. Thanks to cookies, the browser retains information from the last visit such as login information, the products included in the shopping cart, the user choices related to language, currency and other kind of personalisation functions. Cookies are essential for those sites containing large data bases,as well as for those ones which require login or have any other advanced features.

Cookies usually gather information related to the url website where it was created, how much time it will last and a random id number. Hence, cookies do not usually gather any personal identification information


ccording to its manager
First party cookies Third party cookies
Those cookies created
by the visited website
which are directly sent to
the user navigator
browser from the
terminal equipment or
domain of the editor who
is the same person that
provides the service
required by the user.
Cookies that are sent to
the user navigator
browser from a terminal
equipment or domain
managed by a third
party, so no directly
managed by the editor,
who process all the
gathered data obtained.
According to its purpose
Technical Preferences or
Analytics or
Behavioural advertising
Cookies used for the
sole purpose of carrying
out the transmission of
certain information on an
communications network
or as strictly necessary
for the provider of an
information service to
provide services
requested explicitly by
the subscriber or user.
They are essential for
the correct functioning of
the website and to
provide the service
offered and requested by
the user.
Cookies that allow to
information, so that
users may access the
service under certain
conditions that
distinguish their
experience from that of
other users, such as the
language, the
number of search results
to be displayed, the
aspect or contents of the
depending on the
browser though which or
the region from which it
is accessed,
Cookies that allow the
cookies manager to
perform follow-up and
analyses of user
behaviour at the
websites to which such
cookies are linked; this
includes a quantitative
measurement of the
impact of an
advertisement. Any
information collected by
means of this type of
cookies is used
to measure activity on
any website, application
or platform, for the
purposes of
improvements in function
of the analysis of the
data regarding the
service use made by
These ones store
information on user
behaviour obtained
through continuous
observation of their
browsing habits,
which allows to develop
a specific profile and
display advertisement
to this profile.
According to its length
Session Persistent
Those designed to
collect and store data
while users access a
website. They are
regularly used to store
information that is only
relevant with regard to
the provision of the
service requested by
users in a single
situation. These cookies
will disappear once the
session is closed.
Cookies on which data
stay stored and may be
accessed and
processed for a period of
time defined by the
cookie manager, which
may range
from a few minutes to
several years

why do cookies get installed in my browser?

Cookies main purpose is to ensure optimal communication between the website and the user navigation browser. Hence, cookies allow faster logins, simplify the online shopping process, optimise website landings (by for instance personalising offers), etc.

Cookies are really useful for website owners as fas as they help them to gather valuable information about users website journey. Website owners may be able to update and adjust adverts and offers to users needs and interests..


The length of cookies storage differs form each website. The session cookies usually do not last longer than the users visit. Once the user closes the browser window, the cookie disappears. Nonetheless, there are other type of cookies that may be stored permanently for weeks, months or even years.

are cookies beneficial?

As said before, the main purpose of a cookie is to simplify and optimise website surfing. Without cookies the user would need to permanently adjust its surfing preferences, such as language, currency, the items added to the shopping cart, etc.


Our website uses the following third party cookies:

From Google

  • Google Tag Manager: it is a labelling system. It allows the tracking codes and code snippets to be easly updated.
  • Google Ad Sense: it uses cookies to upgrade advertisement. It is an indicator of website theme and it allows to targget advertasing according to its content relevance.
  • Google Analytics: it allows us to elaborate statistical summaries about our website traffic. By accepting third party cookies on our website, you allow Google to treat the information related with your navigations habits. Hence, any related complain may be directly submitted before Google.

From Matomo

  • Matomo: it allows us to elaborate statistical summaries about our website traffic. In this case, the cookie that is set in your browser is specific to this website and it doesn’t share information with third parties.
First party
Third party X
Technical X
Preferences or personalisation
Analytics or measurement X*
Behavioural advertising
Session X*
Persistent X

*Although our website do not actually use analytics or measurement cookies neither session cookies, those functionalities may be conducted by Google Analytics third party cookie.


Remove or manage this website cookies.

You can exercise your right to manage or remove this website cookies any time you wish. To manage your preferences, please click here

Remove cookies on your device

You can remove all the cookies you may have stored on your navigation browser by erasing your navigation browsing history. So that, all stored cookies from all the sites you visited will be removed. For more information about how to remove cookies, we invite you to visit:

Nevertheless, remember, if you remove your cookies:

  • Websites will not be able to adjust their content to any of your navigation preferences such as language, currency, interests, etc. You will no t be able to have access at any personal area (usually identified as “my account”, “my profile”, “my chart”, etc) of any website..
  • On the online shops, you will not be able to place an order..
  • All websites with disabled cookies may not get analytics summaries of their visitors and website traffic; hence these websites can see a decrease of competitiveness in a mid term..

To get more information about managing and removing cookies, we invite you to visit All About Cookies.

Block cookies

There is as well the option of directly block cookies storage even prior to website surfing. Once again, remember that in this case, your navigation experience will no be the most optimised. To know more about blocking cookies, visit All About Cookies


As said before, although cookies do not usually gather any personal or identification information, we ask you to visit, read and accept our Privacy Policy.