National large consumption pre-launch test
request / need

A large consumption company seeks to launch a new product but wants to assure the way it has to be introduced to customers because there is a risk to displace or cannibalize its flagship product.

Hence, the client would like to study:

  • Several key messages and sales argument versions.
  • Market demand fluctuation of its flagship product aver the areas in which the new product is pre-launched.

Summing up, the client seeks a comfort zone to do the pre-launch test and get its conclusions to face the national launch. 


The commercial department selects two Spanish provinces with highly different demographic and cultural features so that, with interna calculus /work, the client can project the test aver all Spanish customers.

Different actions are designed taking into account age, gender and marital status of each target.
For each of these demographic targets, the client gives us different key messages about the new product.

In real-time, all data is monitored jointly with the client’s commercial department, which at the same time have direct information given by supermarkets influenced by our turbulence.

A launch as risky as planned

…The client wants a safe zone to pre-launch a new product so as to get conclusions to face the national launch.

results / learnings
  • An ad ranking based on performance indicators is delivered to the client; it highlights the most efficient message so the client can identify the most suitable ad to be launched on TV.
  • The performance of the buyer persona profiled by the client is verified by data. Additionally, we are able to describe 3 new profiles in which no one relied on at the beginning.