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Export is off to a good start

Market demand mapping of specific goods in a new continent


request / need

The client is an industrial company of a highly technical sector. They export a wide range of its production to several markets, each of them are in different phases of its life cycle. Each market has its own campaign designed according to local industries’ features and cultural specificities.

The client aims to land in a new continent in which they have never worked before and wonders if we can help.

Plan / solution

Thanks to the client’scommercial strength, we know the new zone to explore has parallelism with the US market.

In the US we are running dozens of campaigns for this client, hence we have enough data.
We plan several actions aver the objective zone so as to get behaviour patterns unequivocally relevant to our client.

Granting data integrity, we have already studied the population of the target zone in a demographic and social way, with the aim to anticipate local festivities, mass displacements or any similar interference over population’s daily routines.

Providing real data that helps our client get to a new country off to a good start.

Based on other market learnings, we deploy already tested actions and boost our client’s market in the new country.

RESULTS / learnings
  • The outcome is a precise market research of a limited territory.
  • We give the client a computer graphics document.
  • The client, with the knowledge they have of their market, is able to read the outcome and decide if it is time to start operating on the area.
  • From our campaigns’ data, the client plans a work trip for 2 of their agents with the commercial road and stops already set.
  • Finally, the client opens a branch in the new country. For us it is a new market in which we deploy our actions for immature markets.
  • Because of the fact we have our actions deployed aver other immature markets in an advanced phase, we can apply the learnings we have got and help to boost activity.