Desatomize market demand
We export to the capital city a local rooted recipe and aim to generate a continued consumption habit.

A food industry company that produces and sells a product with local strong bonds wants to relocate its consumption.
The need was about boosting sales on supermarkets established both in bigGR–btg cities and all around the country.

Plan / soluTION

At first, seeking to verify client’s information, we design new actions that map the areas with higher interest on the product and quantify the market demand, classified by age and gender.

Once the client’s needs are quantified, we set out a new strategy based on a system of campaigns and on a third party’s job, which brings us the best ads messages, classified by age and gender.

We get to underscore tourists’ purchase intentions who usually consume the product and who, at the same time, live in big cities. We achieve to generate market demand at 3 supermarkets from Barcelona and its surroundings where we run our first test.

After having seen it works, we spread our actions over the whole territory and the client records a steady growth of 2 dígits for more than half a year.

We have direct impact on customers purchasing habits.

The result is getting customers purchasing, no matter when and where, a product that was highly seasonal and local.

  • Consumption export; from a local and seasonal context to an urban and daily one.
  • Now, the client knows and imagines its customer. We have shown them where their customers live, have holidays or travel, which websites they usually visit, which languages they know. The branding publicity connects with users like it has never happened before.
  • Based on data, the client designs new versions of their product to adapt it to new market segments. The client takes the initiative, our job has been unveiling the opportunity.